"Aspects Covered"

understanding the different levels of consciousness and determining your level.

unveiling your Super-Power/X-factor and discerning the spheres demanding improvement.

enticing a surreal connection, you always dreamt of and healing your existing relationship by tapping into your inner energy.

nurturing, what’s fruitful you are manifesting.

discovering, whether your existence is to embrace a SOLO LIFE or cherish a bond in an ENLIGHTENING RELATIONSHIP.

"Session Learnings"

"Wisdom is the greatest cleanser - Sri Yukteswar"

The quest for romantic competence comprises of three elements.

Approachability – The subtle art of approachability is significant since our behaviour and delivery of the words sets us to be effective from the rest. 

How to react when somebody approaches you?
How to approach somebody when you need them? (Most crucial elements in every relationship or all aspects of life).

Responsiveness – The way we respond deliberately decides the probability to encounter future opportunities and estimates our reliability score.

How do you soothe your partner in stormy situations?
How do they soothe you back?

Engagement – Exhilaration exhibits excellence through a bond and the foundation of any bond commences with compelling communication (listen closely with both ears and then respond). Adding spirit to any ritual you perform turns into a Spiritual Pursuit or A Memorable Moment through outer and inner association of ourselves. 

Are they prioritizing your value? How much would you rate your partner's participation on the scale of 1-10 in EVERY conversation?