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Divine .Dopamine

In this digitally obsessive world, we are committed to devising emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual stability by building more durable bridges of friendship, tenderness, unconditional love, and supreme realizations. Hence, removing all the blocks inside that hinders us from attracting abundance while experiencing mystical experiences, celestial sounds, and ecstasy.

Most of us already know about the neurotransmitter or happy hormone called Dopamine, which is rapturously responsible for glutting gaiety or satiating times! Let's create and channelize that verve with profound optimism and deep gratitude. Here at DivineDopamine.Com, we have an objective to help individuals magnifying their quintessential trait and optimize their oomph for enhanced, eloquent, engaging, entrancing, and embracing relationships to attain Brahma-Nirvana as an expansion of the mind without monastic isolation.

The picture on the left reflects a spectrum comprising seven chakras, which represents the wheels of vitality and the upward flow of the energy from the genitals to the top crown chakra. This experience can be called Kundalini/Liberation/Enlightenment/Samadhi. Moreover, if we learn to optimize our dopamine, then we can channelize our oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins to be “A Master of your Fate and Captain of your Soul.”

"Our primary motto is to establish a sustainable body, home, life, and world by practicing and advocating divine realization to attain unbounded blissful super consciousness. Ultimately, we are just like that bee who accidentally slips into a honey-filled barrel. Instead of drowning, it rekindles up through her wings with the conviction of revitalization. After the elevation, the few mundane vibrations into the air are ecstatically engrossed by the creatures around."

We would love to help other virtuous brands in content creation or art direction (particularly for a website or any accrete artistry project). In-case if you got anything else on your mind, please feel free to nudge or reach us at 9953600543 or [email protected]

Surrender To

30% of the author proceedings will go straight to the NGO (name to be released soon).

The responsibilities to be followed by NGO are:

  • Imparting Awareness about incisive inclusiveness and population explosion.
  • Administering strategies to propagate Environmental Healing.
  • Providing meals to the needy or unprivileged ones.

The inaugural intellect of launching sustainable movement arrived while witnessing the mother nature from 3200m into the air—the pursuit of paragliding at the Solang Valley endowed that Heaven exists on earth, and we must preserve to cherish.

My Story

I possess the utmost gratefulness and humbleness to encounter the magnanimous drive throughout my journey. The concoct journey of my Self-Examination is divided into three facets of Being Kid, Oblivious Adolescence, and Anointing Adulthood. I was inexorably blessed to encounter the enriching experiences of my existence since 24th March 1992.

Being Kid

(Age 1 to 10 years)

With Mom after the Frist Haircut

My granny soothing me at 2 years of age

Performance as Lord Krishna

Doing my thing

The most enticing part collecting rewards

With my workers who used to escort me to school

Being Kid

(Age 1 to 10 years)

Luckily, my parents admitted me to school when I was just 2 and a half years. Maybe this is one of the reasons why my cognitive skills, like learning and writing, are spellbinding. I was one of the brightest students in the class and obtained 1st to 3rd rank amongst the strength of 35-40 classmates until the 3rd standard. The activity which devotedly engaged my heart and mind was cycling, cricket, and art. No matter how many times I got badly bruised! I had an inevitable lust for learning riding. Which I finally did at an early age of 5 years. I was lucky enough to ride my bicycle to the school at the 2nd standard accompanied by one of the employees in my dad’s business, and his name is Hari-Om.

My granny was very keenly delighted to make sure that I take part in various cultural programs, imbibe dancing, or be a performer. I accumulated a lot of responsiveness while participating in those events and always over-whelmed while collecting awards. If I would have been endowed with one opportunity to time travel during my childhood. Unquestionably, I would prefer to dance and perform being "Lord Krishna." As I am here in this picture on the left. 

Practically, my granny was proactive in understanding when I kept the petition forward of demanding a bigger school with a humongous playground. Though I petitioned the change, eventually, when it was fulfilled, I found out that from being a guy who was effortlessly recognized. Now, I was the guy with minuscule recognition at the new school in the 4th standard, and things swayed swiftly.

Firstly, I use to yearn my girl-friends at the previous school. Secondly, I was bestowed with my first sibling then. So, the ginormous love I used to receive from my parents was now distributed between us. Thirdly, in my new school, nobody acknowledged this new guy. The journey from the Rockstar Image to An Unknown was the unfathomable concussion for me. Later, my attention has deviated from studies and co-curricular activities. I felt there was nobody acceptable for my enticing charm as it was only a boy's school. This indeed, triggered me to become a reservedly shy guy. Although, I unveiled my uniqueness and tranquility in the ART subject or drawing any appropriate art until I found my phoenix.

I was allowed to be a part of the Green House in my school. I fancied playing football in the 4th standard, but my long kicks unfavorably disappointed me bigtime juxtaposed to those experienced fellas in the sport. With my unshakable zest and relentless desire, I convinced once my dad to buy the whole kit so I could represent the Green House being a part of the football team. After accomplishing the package, Once I was there at the school to participate in the match. I was asked to give my new kit to another player who was more skilled than me. This was one of the fidgeting flashes for me.

Although, I never stopped yearning to play and played whenever I redeemed opportunities as a defender with my supreme courage in relevant matches.

At my young age, the virtuous and vicious company was parallel in my life. The demon of distraction (which I have thoroughly explained in the 13th chapter of my book) tried to wreck-havoc and disrupted my life. However, the presence of divine omnipotence energy always shielded my path in the best possible way through very early indulgence in Yoga and Chanting Meditation.

Oblivious Adolescence

(Age 11 to 20 years)

The suspension of spiritual practices and futile influences turned me ignorant, feckless, and reckless—this one of the worst phases of my life. I have earnestly abused the mystical powers of Adolescence. I was flippantly prejudiced by the personality of being Casanova and pursued various entanglements at once. I felt there was a lack of infallible supervision from a Grandeur Guru. The knowledge I received in the school was only there to retain a well-filled-mind but not a well-formed-mind. The excessive vanity and ego injected irrational thoughts always took charge of me that constrained my wavering focus.

The most significant setback or loss I had then was in the form of my best buddy and neighbor, promptly after giving 12th standard examination. When he headed to God’s home in a horrible and atrocious accident while we were heading to submit forms to enroll in Amity University. The incidence shook me down from head to toe, and I was miserably annihilated inside-out. Recovering from losing my closest friend took me forever.

I assumed the quintessential way to come out from the dreadful trauma is through the divergent determination. With that in mind, I relocated to Calcutta to switch environments and, secondly, for further studies. Now my education elevations were being elected by people around me. I was admitted to the college for pursuing graduation and simultaneously doing a diploma in Aviation, Hotel Management, Travel & Tourism.

Oblivious Adolescence

(Age 11 to 20 years)

The new school and bigger play ground

Toward the ending tear of the school

At the initial stage of Frankfinn

On the farewell day at the school (Harsh on the left in brown coat and orange stole)

Anointing Adulthood

(Age 21 till now)

The arrival at the capital

Fun after the arrival

Mollification in the mundane mayhem

Golden learning opportunity with TripAdvisor


The inuagral excursion with my manifestation

Brainstorming Boomers

The divine light of love levitating me

Mingling with nature (2)

Primary day of Nostalgic 2019

Accquiring clarity with benevolence -- Sister's 22 Birthday

Elevating Consciousness of Inclusiveness

Anointing Adulthood

(Age 21 till now)

When I kept my feet on two boats simultaneously, my pants slit between the legs. I was neither able to conclude graduation nor found satiation in the service industry. In college, I was allotted to pursue Honours in Bachelor of Commerce. The condition of the college was more idiosyncratic than I imagined. The way Bengali teachers used to edify and communicate, I was never able to concentrate, engage, or adequately fathom. The communication gap between the professors and me nevermore genuinely got me hooked. 

On the other side, my learning in the service industry never really benefited me as a career opportunity because I possessed a mix of assertive and bit bossy nature, which is repulsively gross for this industry. While growing up, I was frantically influenced by my Uncle’s lifestyle, who was a hotelier too. The lack of fulfillment pervaded me all over, and I could not find quietude or satiation.

Then, I came to the capital, New Delhi, to meet the girl whom I used to date since my school spell. The compatibility and responsiveness in our conversations faded, so gradually, we ceased talking (though we are still friends). It was already very late for me to pursue studies or explore my creative side. Since I belonged to a middle-class family. The next thing I had have to ascertain was work opportunities for viable shelter and meals.

The education from English medium school turned out to be triumphant for me. First, I initiated working as a customer care executive for an American Co. Secondly, after a few months of experience. I was confident enough to join another company as a ‘Cold-Caller’ with an immense salary hike. Authentically and infectiously, it helped me to work on my communication skills while I unbolted the door of E-learning. 

Concurrently, the longer durations to the exposed internet assisted me to clasp the learnings of Digital Marketing plus evolved my Soft Skills as Sales Executive. I was making a sufficient amount of money to have a hipster lifestyle and hipster lady around me. Life isn’t full of rainbows and butterflies when my work life was compelling enough to surpass any challenges. I was going through a humdrum phase in my love life conquered by masters of mayhem. Resultingly, I was cranky and crabby all the time.

Everything changed when she dumped me out of the blue. I was ridiculously unhappy on the edge of going into depression. The initial three months of 2018 were filled with tears, discouragement, and despondence. I relied on YouTube for unwavering motivation and focus by consuming compelling and charismatic content. By then, I discerned my satiating interest in weight lifting and bodybuilding. The Radical Physiology of the sport gave me the cleansing courage and helped me to change my weeping emotional patterns of fear and loneliness to attract bountiful blessings. 

After paradoxical eight years of mundane work-life in New-Delhi, my 26th birthday in 2018, my super-consciousness elevated to disseminate seeds of happiness and compassion amongst the kids at Khushi Rainbow Home with zero expectations. Which rewarded me with a magnanimous surprise of all time by finding a compatible and most suitable cosmic companion. We together found the paroxysm of exuberance directing us to glide with the pigeons of peace.

The places we explored together were enthrallingly hypnotic and led me to a journey full of Self-Discovery, through the Introspection of my bonafide potential. Eternally, I feel enlightened and liberated in her cosmic company. After my accident in which I lost my best friend, it curated a mind-set of ‘You Live Only Once’ was now rearranged to “If we live virtuously in alignment with super-consciousness, we relish every day as an Emcee of Transcendence.”

Earlier my interest in literature was under the pile of other perplexities and distractions unrecognized. I must say the way she instigates my immortal soul to trail and accomplish multitude knacks makes me treasure her more and more with each passing day. I ascertained my passion for writing and reading, after penetrating through the pile of distraction accompanying my celestial companion’s soul since the end of 2018. The new ray of light enshrined my soul after our Auroville traverse, which swayed my consciousness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Additionally, the dopamine ejaculation endowed ‘Self-Actualization’ (more of which you will read across in Chapter 8 - Sea, Sun, Sand, and South India of my book titled The Manifestation of your Divine Companion). Perplexity in the paradigm was more simplified to find my purpose. I am now able to flourishingly connect with people, nature, and surroundings through garnering illuminating wisdom.

I have been dazzlingly blessed to assimilate joyous, mesmerizing, and motivating moments in frames. I pray if you read my journey of self-analysis, it will lead you on a path of self-exploration to be more ‘WOKE’ than ever. Our prerequisite is a sense of Inclusiveness and Incisiveness through awakening human consciousness. Which is indeed the best treasure to take everything with a grain of salt!

“In the end, just three things matter:

How well we lived,

How well we loved,

How well we learned to let go” – Jack Kornfield